Shizuru Kyotōryū



Shizuru is a thin, but tall woman. Most whom lay eyes upon her judge her ill.
In result from her weak build, her hair has gone pale. However together with her skin; it manages to flourish well, likely a result from her lifestyle as a monk.


Shizuru Kyotōryū.

A woman that one day arrived on the footsteps of the Cathedral of Aroden hailing from the far lands of Tian-Xia wearing only the ragged remains of what clothing she may have left her home with, worn down shoes and an almost incomprehensible story spoken in broken common about how she once met a man that directed her to this place in lands far away and a time long gone by.

Unsure what to do with the woman at hand however; it was decided she would work as a maid to make her contribution while they figured out what the exhausted, ill and foreign worded woman actually wanted.

Thus the woman whom carried a name of some renown started working in the kitchens and scrubbing floors of the Cathedral of Aroden’s halls.

Shizuru Kyotōryū

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